Kavli Prize Science Forum announced at AAAS

Nils Christian Stenseth, President of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters will join a panel of leaders of science societies and academies to discuss international cooperation in science at the first Kavli Prize Science Forum to take place in Oslo, Norway on September 6, 2010. US President Science Advisor John P. Holdren and Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker, the first Secretary General of the European Research Council (picture), will be the keynote speakers.

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, in partnership with The Kavli Foundation and the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, has announced the establishment of the Kavli Prize Science Forum – a new biennial international forum meeting to facilitate high-level, global discussion of major topics on science and science policy - at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in San Diego.

John P. Holdren, Science Advisor to President Barack Obama and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President, will give one of two keynote speeches at the inaugural forum, which will convene in Oslo, Norway this fall and focus on the topic: “International Cooperation in the Advancement of Science.”

The second keynote speech will be given by Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker, the first Secretary General of the European Research Council and now the Secretary General of the Human Frontier Science Program. Holdren and Winnacker will also join a panel discussion that includes seven global leaders who are critical in shaping science policy in the US, Europe and China:

  • Ralph J. Cicerone, President, US National Academy of Sciences
  •   Rita R. Colwell, Distinguished University Professor Emerita, University of Maryland; Former Director, United States National Science Foundation
  •  Herbert Jaeckle, Vice President, Max Planck Society
  • Yongxiang Lu, President, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Martin Rees, President, The Royal Society, United Kingdom
  • Nils Christian Stenseth, President, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
  •   Charles Vest, President, US National Academy of Engineering (moderator)

Science summit in Oslo

The Kavli Prize Science Form 2010 will address the promise and impediments of conducting science research across international borders, as well as provide a roundtable for discussing current and future opportunities for advancing science. “This will be an opportunity to discuss a range of vital issues – from jointly managing the growing costs of research to working more efficiently as part of a global science community,” said Robert W. Conn, President of The Kavli Foundation. “Most important, it will do so by bringing together exceptional leaders who are shaping and influencing science policy globally.”

The inaugural forum will launch the Kavli Prize Science Forum itself, to be held every two years in conjunction with the Kavli Prize Ceremony and Symposia – an international event that brings together scientists in celebration of the most recent Kavli Prize Laureates. Future forums will continue to bring together key scientists and science policymakers, as well as other individuals, to discuss a major topic of global interest to advancing science research.

“Today, science plays a more important role in the community than it has ever done. The Kavli Prize Science Forum will create an excellent opportunity for a dialogue between scientists and policymakers regarding how both basic and more targeted science can most efficiently be used when policy decisions are made,” said Nils Christian Stenseth, President of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. 

The new science forum is also aligned with the mission of The Kavli Foundation, which is dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of humanity. “It is my hope that the Kavli Prize Science Forum provides a valuable and continuing opportunity for scientists and policymakers to engage on issues important to scientific research. If the world is to truly benefit from advances in science, it’s critical that we address the most important issues as an international community,” said Fred Kavli, chairman and founder of The Kavli Foundation.


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