Call for nominations for international space weather medals

The 2017 contest for three international space weather medals, including the Kristian Birkeland medal for Space Weather and Space Climate, is now open. More information the medals and how to nominate can be found here 

The new medal recipients will be announced in a medal ceremony at the European Space Weather Week, the 27th of November, 2017.

The GOES-R weather monitoring satellite with Earth in the background. Image courtesy of NASA

All three prizes (Chizhevsky, Nicolet, Birkeland) are prestigious recognitions of recipients' major contributions in the field of space weather.

The International Kristian Birkeland Medal for Space Weather and Space Climate is awarded for outstanding scientific or technological results. The International Marcel Nicolet Medal for Space Weather and Space Climate rewards efforts to structure the space weather community at an international level. The International Alexander Chizhevsky Medal for Space Weather and Space Climate rewards a young Ph.D. researcher.

Medal recipient's work must have been documented in peer review journals or book chapters, or must be a technological contribution that has led to a fully implemented new space weather capability. Medal recipient's work must be relevant to space weather and/or space climate.

The work must also be internationally recognized.

Kristian BirkelandKristian Birkeland

In addition to the above common criteria, there are specific requirements for each of the three medals. 

The recipient of the Kristian Birkeland medal for Space Weather and Space Climate must have demonstrated a unique ability to combine basic and applied research to develop useful space weather products that are being used outside the research community, and/or across scientific research disciplines. The work must have led to a better physical comprehension of the solar-terrestrial phenomena related to space weather, to a drastic improvement of space weather modeling, or to a new generation of instruments.

The recipient of the Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal Space Weather and Space Climate must have demonstrated a unique ability to bind the space weather community in a spirit of peace and friendship, to educate within the space weather community, to go also beyond the space weather research community and address larger audiences, and/or to serve the space weather.

The Alexander Chizhevsky medal for Space Weather and Space Climate is a prize rewarded to a young researcher (younger than 35 years, or having successfully defended her/his thesis within the last 6 years prior to ESWW14, i.e. after October 30th, 2011) for outstanding achievements in space weather with innovative approach. The six years period is increased with the duration of any parental leave taken during the period.

The medals are sponsored by the Belgian Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, the European Space Agency, and the Space Weather Working Team.

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